Grom's YMI
We're passionate about youth ministry and international missions; over the past two years, God has opened doors for us to combine the two. #youthminforthewin

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What's Next?

Over 90% of the world's trained youth workers are in the USA serving only 3% of the world's youth.

Asbury Seminary

  1. Accepted into Asbury Seminary
  2. Accepted into Ministry Partner's Program
  3. Raise $7000 for 2017-18 school year
  4. Move to Kentucky
  5. Raise $7000 for 2018-19 school year
    (monthly pledges + one-time gifts)
  6. Complete Master's Degree

Youth Ministry International

  1. Apply to Youth Ministry International
  2. Appointed as YMI Trainers to Asia
  3. Global Summit / Site Visit (July 2018)
  4. Raise full-time monthly support (2018-20)
  5. Complete Training (2020)
  6. Move overseas (2020)